Gabriele Pinca Architect based in Florence, Italy

“Ubik… Safe when taken as directed.” 

Philip K. Dick

Ubik Architecture is a project by Gabriele Pinca, architect based in Florence, Italy.

The studio has existed since 2012 as a container for architects and friends with the intention of combining different experiences and design skills under the same name. During the years UBIK has participated in several competitions, with important results.

From 2018 the studio’s activity intensifies and is structured under the guidance of the founder, Gabriele Pinca, becoming a design studio in all respects.

The studio’s activities range from architectural projects to interior design projects.



The shape is not a starting point but an arrival point, it is the synthesis of thought developed and refined during the design process.


Each project is different from the other because it comes from different places, emotions and constraints.